Intan Token

What is Intan Token?

Intan Token (INTAN) is a cryptocurrency project based on tron ​​blockchain technology, which will later be used as a payment instrument in all business units of Intan Token and his business partners. INTAN can be used for payment of service fees, purchase of digital products, physical products and investment projects that will be carried out by us.

For now, INTAN is already traded on JustSwap .

Because the system is not ready to be independent, currently INTAN is still limited to a token swap that does not represent real projects / assets or can be used as a means of payment in all of our networks. Currently the value of 1 INTAN is in the range of IDR 76.10 based on the liquidity available at JustSwap for 2800 INTANs.

INTAN Token details

  • Project Name: INTAN TOKEN
  • Symbol: INTAN
  • Networks: Tron
  • Type: TRC20
  • Total Supply: 25,000,000
  • Decimal: 8
  • Smart Contract: TWmXBos24PcPaLQGfYRjFBEHhChD1NQTCU

See more details on Tronscan

Check source code on Github

Allocation & Distribution

INTAN is made in a very limited number of only 25,000,000 coins!

Following is the plan for the INTAN circulation in 2021

Circulation Q1: 1,000,000 coins
Circulation Q2: 2,000,000 coins
Circulation Q3: 5,000,000 coins
Circulation Q4: 10,000,000 coins


10% for sales on exchanges such as justswap & cctip swap

40% for direct sales at, 30% for sales in the crypto market.

15% for bonus programs for purchasing digital products & services at

5% for promotions (airdrop & giveaway)


1. Tronlink
Tronlink is a digital wallet to store / send / receive all tokens in the tron ​​trc10, trc20 protocol.
Download Tronlink

2. JustSwap
JustSwap is an exchange protocol on TRON for exchanging between TRC20 tokens. Conversion can take place easily between any 2 TRC20 tokens based on the system price. All trading fees collected will go directly to the protocol liquidity providers, not the protocol itself.
Trade & Add INTAN Liquidity at JustSwap

3. CCTip
CCTip is a digital currency tip tool. Currently running on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord and will support more social platforms in the future. CCTip helps users reach their target audience in a creative and easy way.
Use & Trade INTAN on CCTip

How to Get INTAN Tokens

If you want to have AFI right away you can buy it at justswap & cctip. Or by buying digital, physical & service products at, you will get a free INTAN bonus.


Q1 January – March 2021
Focus on refining INTAN from a technical point of view, listing it on a limited number of Justswap & introducing INTAN to our business partners & clients.

Q2 April – June 2021
Establish standalone website to provide comprehensive information on the INTAN project including providing whitepaper-v1. Supplying more INTAN to the exchange, making private sales to clients and increasing the conversion rate of AFI to TRX on the exchange.

Q3 July – September 2021
INTAN circulation reaches 10% of the total supply (25,000,000 INTAN) & we are starting to look for popular crypto markets where INTAN can be listed there and we will massively promote INTAN to get new investors.

Q4 October -December 2021
In the 4th quarter, we started to build our own ecosystem and information, the next project plan will be informed in full in the whitepaper-v2.

Follow the development of INTAN project information :

Official Media

💬Telegram: @IntanToken
📧 Email:

Development Team

👨‍💼Owner: Bagus

👷🏿‍♂️Developer + Programer : Joko Tole
👨‍💻 Advisor: Intan Token Team
👷Support: Supriyadi, Aris Setia, Muh Zuhdi Kurniawan

⚠️ The information on this page is temporary considering we are just starting this project ⚠️